Five Things to Know About Cleaner Bioheat

April 29, 2021

#1: Bioheat is a cleaner, renewable option for heating your home or business.

Bioheat is an advanced home heating oil made of a blend of traditional petroleum-based fuel and clean, renewable biodiesel. It is an affordable, modern fuel that is better for our environment and for your furnace.

Genesee Bioheat comes in a range of blends that are identified by the percentage of biodiesel in the blend, where the ‘B’ stands for biodiesel, and the number refers to the percentage of biodiesel in the Bioheat blend. For example, B25 is 25 percent biodiesel and 75% traditional petroleum heating oil, while B99 is 99 percent biodiesel and only one percent traditional petroleum home heating oil.

Visit the U.S. Energy Information Administration for more information on biodiesel.

#2: Bioheat reduces air pollution compared to traditional heating oil.

As a renewable, lower carbon fuel, Bioheat emits less carbon into our environment and improves air quality in our local community. It’s simply a cleaner alternative to traditional heating oil. Using more Bioheat reduces greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change, air pollution and particulates that cause breathing issues. Visit for more information on the benefits of using Bioheat in your home

#3: Your furnace will thank you for using Bioheat.

Not only is Bioheat a cleaner and more sustainable fuel, but it’s a better fuel for your furnace too. Bioheat naturally has more lubricity than standard heating oil, which a furnace of any age can appreciate! It acts as a cleaning agent, and keeps your furnace running more smoothly over time. Best of all, Bioheat has been thoroughly tested by the most prominent fuel research organizations in the world to show it can be used in your existing oil tank and furnace without any modifications to your system. This means no costly upgrades to your existing systems or add-on technology, just a simple switch of the fuel from Genesee.  Visit the Green Energy Consumers Alliance for more.

#4: Bioheat is an affordable alternative that’s good for America’s biodiesel industry.

By purchasing Bioheat, you’re also supporting America’s domestic energy economy, keeping your money in our country supporting our American fuel producers. In fact America’s biodiesel industry supports over 60,000 jobs and creates billions of dollars in economic activity every year from coast to coast. To learn more about how the industry supports the American economy, visit

#5: Genesee Energy has been providing Bioheat for 20 years.

In 1929, our company was founded as Genesee Coal & Stoker, when coal was the primary source of residential heat in Seattle. Ever since, we’ve been innovating to meet the demands and needs of our customers for nearly a century. We are committed to finding fuels to heat homes and businesses that are better, more affordable, and have less of an impact on the health of our communities and the environment.

In fact, this commitment to innovation and sustainability led us to pioneer the delivery of Bioheat to Puget Sound customers starting in 2001.  Building on this 20 year history with this fuel, we’re excited to increase the awareness and use of Bioheat to help clean the air we all breathe, support the domestic economy, and address climate change.

To learn more about Genesee’s early years, click here.

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