PLIA's Pollution Liability Program

March 16, 2016

What if my oil tank leaks? PLIA's Pollution Liability Program

March 2016

If you recently bought a house with an underground oil tank, I'm sure one of your first questions is, What if my oil tank leaks? Will the oil be causing massive pollution and am I responsible for that?

Those are good questions to ask if you have recently acquired a home with oil heat. First we want to let you know that underground oil tanks these days are stronger than ever, made of steel and fiberglass. They are resistant to corrosion and can last for decades. That said, leaks DO happen. BUT, if you register for PLIA's Pollution Liability Insurance, you will be covered for the contamination clean up.

What is PLIA?

PLIA is a Washington State Heating Oil Pollution Liability Insurance Program funded by the Oil Heat Dealers of Washington. The PLIA program offers to provide up to $60,000 of insurance coverage for cleanup of contamination from heating oil tanks that are registered in the program prior to the contamination occurring. And, the best part is, there is absolutely no cost to the owner to register for this coverage. All you need to do is register here!Why should I register for PLIA? Private insurance companies don't always offer pollution coverage, and property owners are responsible for cleaning up contamination if their tank leaks. Although oil tanks don't often leak, by simply registering, you are protected from the unlikelihood of contamination by a leaking tank. And, why not? There is no premium or deductible required. Registering with PLIA is free of charge to the homeowner.

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