Seasonal Outlook and Your Home

February 16, 2022

What The Long-Term Temperature Forecast for the Puget Sound Means for Your Home

Winter is in full swing here in the Puget Sound. And given the La Niña forecast, we’re likely in for more wet, cold winter weather.

To help you and your home be better prepared for the remainder of this tough winter, we wanted to share some more specifics through the National Weather Service’s long-term winter temperature forecast.

The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center is forecasting that over the next three months, even as the rest of the nation is likely to see average or above average temperatures, our entire state is likely to continue to experience below average temperatures:

So even though we’ve already faced historically cold temperatures across the region, according to the experts, winter is far from over.

But it’s not too late to take steps to make sure your home is optimized against the winter cold. Here are our six tips for helping your home against the cold temperatures this winter:

  • Test your furnace and make sure it’s been serviced;
  • Change your air filter;
  • Seal cracks to eliminate drafts;
  • Upgrade your thermostat;
  • Fill your heating oil tank; and
  • Use Genesee Bioheat, the best fuel for your home, for your community, and for our planet.

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There’s also still time to take advantage of our special offer for this winter: a $100 free fuel credit for our home heating oil option called Bioheat. It’s simple: We’ll provide any current or new Genesee customer ready to try Bioheat with $100 of free fuel.

Bioheat is a better fuel for your home, community, and our planet. It can be used right now in your tank and furnace without any changes. It’s a blend of traditional fuel like you’ve used in the past, along with certified, safe, clean, renewable biodiesel. And for two decades, we’ve offered this better fuel to customers across the Puget Sound. Hundreds of our customers across the Puget Sound are already using it.

Here are some other key things to know about our Bioheat fuel:

  • Bioheat naturally has more lubricity, so it acts as a cleaning agent, helping to keep your furnace running more smoothly.
  • Bioheat can be a more affordable alternative to the significant cost of converting your heat system.
  • Bioheat reduces air pollution.
  • Bioheat is lower in carbon emissions than traditional heating oil and natural gas.

Want to learn more about Bioheat and the chance to get a $100 free fuel credit? Click here.

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